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October 9, 2009 § Leave a comment


here’s what color my nails are today. i’ve started painting my nails a lot recently. i started to doing it so i wouldn’t pick at my cuticles so much… it’s debatable whether that’s been affected. but, i really do like setting aside some time and giving myself a manicure. i could buy an entirely new bottle of nail polish each time i decide to paint my nails (which, hi taylor,  i don’t) and it would still be tons cheaper than a manicure. and i can do it on my own time in the comfort of my own abode.

if you’re thinking, “bahh. i’m soo bad at painting my own nails,” do not be dismayed, so was i. especially considering i NEVER painted my nails in high school and only tried a few times in about 6th grade to paint them some shameful glittery purple hue. it just takes practice. i use q-tips and toothpicks dipped in nail polish remover to keep it clean as a i go. it also helps if you stay away from the cuticle altogether. even leave a noticeable (it’ll only be noticeable to you) space between the beginning of the polish and the cuticle.

plus when your nail polish is named fun things like my chihuahua bites and madison mauvene, blushingham palace, london bridge is falling down, i don’t do dishes, don’t wine yukon do it, grand canyon sunset & i’m not really a waitress…it most assuredly adds to the simple pleasure of doing your own manicure. go try it!


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