:: pumpkin pots de creme ::

October 9, 2009 § 1 Comment


um wow. hello. i want to eat this little gem i found over at foodie with family. pot de creme is a much more glorious and mush less off-putting word than cuuuustard. and since the fallish weather decided to descend upon austin today, this little treasure seems to be mouthwateringly appropriate.

plus, any dessert served in a tiny portion is just that much more savory, since the size of that little ramekin implies that is all you will need to be satiated by the yummy richness of whatever’s filling it.

{image belongs to foodiewithfamily}


§ One Response to :: pumpkin pots de creme ::

  • Well, hello to you, Erin! I’m glad the little pots de creme dinged your chimes like they did mine. I hope you get the chance to make and eat vast quantities of them. All in the name of research, of course… Oh wait. You were only going to eat a little, right? My bad.

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