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October 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

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I’m aware that I may not be entitled to say this, but nevertheless, I FEEL as though somehow my education in the progression of history and my weird attempts at self education in the way of art and (thereby fashion) have entitled me to make the bold proclamation that someday they will be writing about J.Crew in the annals of fashion history.

You may think it’s just another store you stroll by in the mall and you may be right, and you may think I’m just saying this because I’m obsessed with everything hanging on the racks in there, and you will be partially right. But truly the reason I feel confident in my proclamation is because of this woman. Not only is Jenna Lyons successfully steering a relatively high-end retail store through a recession but she is creating, or perhaps ushering in, a fashion trend. Somehow J.Crew’s wool.and.cashmere.grandpa.cardigan.over.sequined.ruffles.down.to.vintage.gold.baubled.bangles.over.skinny.slacks.layered.look has been successfully, artistically and tastefully mass-produced.

Sure, someone could say, “oh that person has a Gap look” long before that could be said about J.Crew. But this isn’t about creating for her company a recognizable “look;” it’s about creating for her company a recognizable look that’s on.the.cutting.edge.of.fashion. All I’m saying is that no other designers out there pioneering fashion trends are also successfully –and quickly, mind you –peddling their look to the general population and thereby so swiftly influencing fashion history.

That’s all I’m saying.
Keep watching J.Crew and that Jenna Lyons girl.

{images are from j.crew’s spring shot and belong to fashionista}


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