September 8, 2010 § 3 Comments

our scenic Golden Pass train from interlaken to lucerne was beautiful. scenery like out of a post card and mountain village cottages like out of a breugel painting.

finally saw mt. pliatus once the clouds cleared this afternoon and were even able to enjoy the sunset and view of the mountains and lake from our patio this evening. while it rained, we lazed in our room after a feast of a breakfast, complete with free flowing coffee (which if you know us is much more of a treat to me than to taylor). as one who likes big, hearty and leisurely breakfasts, I’d been struggling with the whole European notion of grabbing a pastry and expresso shot. needless to say, I’ll be getting up in time to enjoy the spread again before we catch our train.

anyway, even though it rained and we spent half the day lounging around watching a movie we rented on my phone (how cool is iTunes by the way? we also bought the first episode of mad men last night @meg!)… we did go see the chapel bridge and old town pedestrian streets. mom, I even found a sweet antique clock shop that nearly brought me to tears. it had every type of clock imaginable, old and new, and of course they chimed.

True confessions, I was a little too excited to see my first Starbucks since or excursion began. sure, call me a corporate coffee sell out but there’s something happy about finding Starbucks in foreign countries especially since I’ve been missing the quantities of jo I’m shamefully accustomed to AND all you stateside people keep tweeting and facebooking about your pumpkin spice latte discoveries.

well since it was about 62 and rainy and felt and looked like the week between thanksgiving and christmas in central texas, and because he saw my face light up when I saw it, taylor proposed we pop in for an afternoon snack. sadly they did not
have pumpkin spice but they had skinny vanilla. are you sitting down? the Swiss franc is right about even with the dollar. guess how much my tall skinny vanilla latte set us back. 6.50. true.

we are heading to paris for a week tomorrow morning! we are mapping out our food and site adventures but are also excited to be a week away from coming home to our puppy baby, chipotle, tex mex, dr peppers, scrambled eggs, unlimited water at restaurants…. and the list goes on :)

more updates when we find wifi in Paris!


§ 3 Responses to lucerne

  • Patti says:

    Ha! Ha! I love your post. I can imagine the train, the antique clock store! Nanny and Grandan are smiling in heaven!

    I want to tell Barton that Penny is coming to spend the weekend, but I think he will get so excited and start looking for her, so I will refrain until Friday after school!

    Enjoy your week in Paris!!

  • jgarrett says:

    Erin, I LOVED that area from Interlaken to Lucerne! Isn’t it gorgeous! I’m SO GLAD you and Taylor are taking this trip, Erin! I hope you are both enjoying it as much as it appears you are!

  • jgarrett says:

    Oh my goodness! The Swiss franc is now about the same as the dollar??? Oh how things have changed since the late ’60s! ;-) Yep, it was THAT long ago!

    Erin, I LOVE your posts!!!

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