one of these things…

November 11, 2010 § 1 Comment

While I’m not usually one to rant or air my grievances out loud, much less on the intrawebs, and while the site from which this pic originated as well as the one that reposted it today have both previously been recipients of my praises, I have to get this one out.

Because this is probably the third time I’ve seen this interesting picture appear in the blogisphere and it made me chuckle the first time I saw it. As so painfully posed and unrealistically casual. But since it continues to haunt me, I can’t resist berating it.

Ironically, Apartment Therapy featured it in an article entitled, “Keep Your Home Safe from Soggy Shoes (in a Snap!)”

Hello? A rifle?

Casually reclining in this very non-hunting lease looking family foyer? Did the investment banker just come in from his morning foray through the woods?

Is he trying to kill his kids or perhaps his cat? How about Keep your Home Safe from the accidental misfiring of that rifle and the fingers of curious children and Lock It Away In The Safe Where It Belongs.


§ One Response to one of these things…

  • erinholcomb says:

    please note: I do not know whether this is a rifle or a shotgun so if you do, forgive my nomenclature naiveté. I just know it makes me uncomfortable here next to the furs and the oranges.

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