December 23, 2010 § 2 Comments

I made our Christmas cards this year. Since it may be the only year I do it, and because other bloggy people are blogging about their dyi Christmases, I felt the virtual peer pressure to share. Sorry if you didn’t get one; it’s probably because you didn’t give me your address when I asked.

…or because quite honestly I ran out of stamping, cutting and twine tying steam. You’re still loved, promise.

The story begins with our house purchase and a considerable chunk of change going towards that and all it entails. So I figured sending Christmas cards was certainly an unnecessary expense that I could easily forgo.

But then I wanted to send change of address notifications. And we really did have an epic year of with a puppy acquisition, law school graduation, two summer trips and then the massive, once in a life time Bar Trip European Tour. All of which had afforded me a great Christmas card picture pool. But alas, really, unnecessary.

Then my friend, Kate, was selling cards to fund a mission trip. Really great cards and a great cause I wanted to help with! Enter, Christmas cards! However, I only bought 24 of Kate’s cards and my wish list of card recipients was much longer. I had it my head how I wanted to add to Kate’s cards to turn them in to Christmas/change of address cards and then had fun with the stamps, paper cutter, craft twine and double sided tape to easily expand my idea into a few more versions.

Yes, it was time consuming. Admittedly I’m sick of stamping and of paper scraps, but it was fun and relaxing to kick off my Christmas break doing something crafty.

Those are the actual cards. The green ones above and purple ones below are other variations I ended up with. Now if you got something different, you can see what else was cluttering our dining room table last week…

Merry Christmas!


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