happy birthday me.

January 26, 2011 § 1 Comment

Yesterday, nestled between two birthday weekends {yes, two} was my little family birthday celebration. My sweeter than sweet husband sent me a text in the morning, telling me to go get some dreamy chairs that I had been lusting after. Then we ate lunch together from the best sandwich place in town, later enjoyed queso and a mr. pink then partook in my glorious ice cream cake invention. Consisting of:

Excuse the mess. We’re moving. Yes that’s a penguin bookmark in case you were curious and my child did sit in my lap and help me blow out my candles. She did not get to have any cake {see ingredients above}, but don’t feel sorry for her, she’ll get her own in March.

Then this happened…

which was not exactly a recreation of this sweet victory…
I felt loved, had a great day with sweet treats and fun surprises! I’m coping with my quarter century milestone as well as can be expected but have decided not to share my resolutions for the next quarter century until I begin to carry them out. Kind of like not sharing your wishes, or places you’re applying for college…It’s sad if they don’t come true and to what extent did you really fail at a task if no one knew you were trying to accomplish it? Plus then perhaps I can reassess my accomplishments at that time and say that they were actually goals in the first place….and you’d never know…

§ One Response to happy birthday me.

  • jgarrett says:

    You’re so funny, Erin! I DEFINITELY agree about the goal-setting! ;-) I’m glad you were enjoying those thin mints, too!

    Penny is so cute!

    Love you!

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