an anniversary surprise!

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and so it begins. friday at lunch, “hey let’s go to vegas!”


the palazzo. shops omg.


blackjack @ the bar. no time is wasted friday night



he’s pretty cute.



lagasse’s stadium. such a cool concept. i’d watch sports all day in this cozy place.


bauman rare books. nerd heaven. signed first editions. old and rare books AND maps. thousands and thousands of dollars sealed behind glass, all for sale. beatrix potter and lincoln douglas debates were some of my faves. nbd that’s F. Scott Fitzgerald.



pooliside perfect breakfast.





steak. salmon. hazelnut chocolate chip ice cream, shiitake mushroom risotto. lemon rosemary blueberry tart. and the signed menu we left @ craftsteak #oops.


happy to come home to this little friend! thanks for watching me, uncle barton, logie & pappy & gmommy chesney!


vintage memorial day.

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Hope y’all are having a great one! T. and I are just relaxing at home with Chipotle and a sleepy pup after he surprised me on Friday afternoon with a weekend trip for our anniversary! Pics coming soon. Meanwhile, enjoy these gems.


mason jar meals

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This is genius. Practical. Simple. Preciously packaged. I may start packing my lunch like this! Makes me want to have a picnic!


i heart podcasts.

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Go to the iTunes store. Search npr tiny desk. Subscribe to the free podcast. They’re just fun little intimate short sets in what looks like a random office meshed with interviews and joking. They’ve featured Adele, Avett Brothers, Wye Oak, Iron&Wine, Edward Sharpe, Emmylou Harris… I’m hoping for The Belle Brigade to pop up soon.

And while you’re at it, subscribe to a couple other podcasts like Slate’s free book club, The Classic Tales {storytime while you get ready in the morning?} and whatever else catches your fancy…


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Sunny. Highs in the 80s. Breakfast and the lake. I’ll take it! Go outside today!

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humpday update

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Here are some of my unrelated recent musings.

1.) Reading. I read The Tiger’s Wife and thought it was fantastic. Following NPR Books, The New Yorker Fiction, The Paris Review and Penguin Books on Twitter has done wonders for my reading endeavors. I acquired a library card when we moved in to le City of Westlake and the pressure to finish the book before it’s due is lovely. Especially when they put limits on the amount of times you can renewal new fiction. #nerdproblems. I put a bunch of new fiction books on reserve then read whichever one pops up as ready first. It’s been fun. Nerdy fun, I know. I still typically buy the books I want to own cheaply from, but four years into teaching I’ve just discovered the 20% off Educator’s Discount at Barnes & Noble and also realized Costco sells tons of discounted great books.

Right now I’m 50 pages from finishing The Yiddish Policeman’s Union, by Michael Chabon who also wrote The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, about which I blogged here. Lord of Misrule is up next. 2. I like this house from Cote Texas. In fact, I love all the houses on Cote Texas. And rugs, tables, side tables, ottomans, trinket, curtain rod….

3. New specs! Previously mentioned on my spring wishlist. From Warby Parker.

4. Date night Fridays. I love them. We do not ride our bikes or wear straw fedoras and sadly I don’t know where this picture came from, but we look forward to our Fridays all week.

5. Japanese erasers are cool. These are the things we tutors {and elementary school teachers} learn. They actually are really good erasers and certainly fall into the fun school supplies category along with flare pens, neon notebook paper and colorful binder clips. It’s the little things in life that make doing what you have to do more fun. And for which I’m a sucker. One girl I tutor has a bucket full. Ice cream cones, hamburgers, penguins, a whale that I’m really envious of but that I don’t think she wants to trade me for…

6. I want to do this!

happy mother’s day

May 8, 2011 § 3 Comments

My little friend has been her normal, well behaved self today. Sniffing around the study and laying at my feet while I studied the Second Battle of Bull Run, the Battle of Antietam and McCellan’s inept generalship. She’s also been spending some time on the living room floor with her daddy and whatever binders and various stacks of paper he has spread out all over it. She even arranged with her grandparents to leave some Mother’s Day doughnuts for me on the front porch this morning. Thoughtful child!

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