June 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

Perfect meal.

But sometimes that doesn’t cut it. Like when you have a family to feed or when people expect you to incorporate vegetables and meats into their evening. Those weirdos.

So for the times you can’t just eat brie and baguettes. This cookbook starter kit looks like a fantastic resource. They’re categorized and explained. So great. Consider them all on my Christmas list.

I grabbed a copy of Cooks Illustrated about a year ago and fell in love. I know if I subscribed to it, we would be buried in copies of it and all my clippings and notes but it’s SO GREAT. Fantastic explanations of why food needs to be cooked certain ways, what materials work best for what foods and why. And of course great pictures. Well the same people put out Cook’s Country and I’m smitten. The website doesn’t do them justice. If you care at all about getting ideas and learning how to do things right, or why whatever you’re doing will a certain recipe continues to flop, grab a copy @ a nearby checkout counter or bookstore.

Along those same lines, my mom gave me Cooking Light Way to Cook for my birthday or Christmas or maybe randomly…Mom? When did you give it to me? I can read it like a book {or I should}. You must add it to your list of upcoming wedding presents. It explains everything, includes basic, foundational recipes and suggests variations of them. And it’s pretty on my shelf.

I think all of Ina Garten’s books are great. Back to Basics is my favorite. Her recipes are fresh, flavorful but also easy and normal and uncomplicated.


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  • jgarrett says:

    I remember when your mom gave you that book, Erin. We were all sitting around your mom and dad’s dining room table celebrating SOMETHING! I think it was YOUR BIRTHDAY!

    Is that right, Patti?

    It sounds like a great book!!!

    Love you both!

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