sweet summer snippets

June 25, 2011 § 1 Comment

So these are some of the things I do with myself these days because I have the best job, and my husband’s pretty great for letting me do it. Go be a teacher because you get summer break.


Haven’t had long hair in the summer since ’round about 2003 {and that was pre Chi days…We are all thankful that mane and most of the pictures documenting its middle parted massiveness have been forgotten} Because my workouts and poolside sitting have of late turned into battle with a huge, sweaty whip of a long ponytail, I’m pleased to announce that I figured out the knot bun and accomplished the sideswiping french braid which successfully rounds up my bangs as well.


Neon pedicures will always remind me of my college friend and roommate Hanna who one day announced something to the effect of, “It’s finally spring! I need a neon pedicure!” as though the correlation between the arrival of spring and the paid acquisition of neon nails was most normal and obvious. Plus, she takes great pics with a great camera and was known to not only strut her neon nails but snap bright, springy pics of them in similarly themed sunny scenery to the extent that I was won over. Hot weather means hot nails. Thanks, Hanna.

I had the treat of meeting my friend Elizabeth during her lunch break to get pedicures this week. {I exchanged neon pink for more of a neon fuschia…still getting up enough cajones for the neon blues and greens, but just you wait, come August or even the end of July….my denial of summer’s impending end will set in and there’s really no telling.} Heard about all her travels, of which I’m super jealous, and enjoyed watching her light up when talking about a certain {and relatively recent!} someone.


aaaand Austin is great. I enjoyed yet another outdoor, another free, another chill live music event. The music was really the backdrop though, because what I’m loving about this town I grew up in is going to events like this and running into college friends, church friends, high school friends, work friends…. making all kinds of fantastic small world connections and getting to know friends of friends. Add good music, good food, good drinks and a great evening, life is good.



Scenes from my day job. Yes, I DO work! The variety of books I tote around is pretty ridiculous. We have this here gem of young adult fiction, The Clique series. We are also dabbling in Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Odyssey, The Aeneid, Quo Vadis, as well as Geometry and Algebra. It’s a blast though really. I get to go work Geometry problems and figure out heights of shadows and widths of rivers, then go analyze the Odyssey, then help Young Mr. Percy Jackson Reader compose a quite imaginative story about a boy who finds a magic bean and sprouts all sorts of metallic weapons. That one gets stickers when he’s done. Though the others have been known to enjoy my sticker and fun eraser collection…

I’ve also been working on my baking bread skillz.

Even if you’re at a desk job {and most likely getting paid more than me, if that’s any concession to my teacherlifetales} I hope you got to enjoy a happy hour on that lovely Friday evening and have had a great summer Saturday.



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