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July 30, 2011 § 1 Comment

Happiness is waking up with T to this….

…whipping up a bit of this


….and returning to bed for a bit of this.20110730-110844.jpg

Happy Saturday! Stop what you’re doing right now and read Cutting for Stone.


reading room

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Sorry, bloggie friends, I’ve neglected you. Last week, my friend Caroline came to play. We ate pancakes, went to the lake and played with cocktails. She was my roommate sophomore year in college, the year I met the man I married and when I rudely came home late from our smitten little forays, she’d always left a lamp on for me. The same year, she crashed her car and broke her leg skiing. I brought the gimp her morning coffee and took the top bunk. Oh yes, we had bunk beds as well as a constant stash of hot tamales. She’s been a precious friend ever since the year of green carpets, community bath and endless granola and as a fellow teacher, gets to enjoy the summer vacay as well!

I’ve had the blessing blessing blessing to be tutoring a ton in July. It must be what I’m made to do because I love every aspect of it and I feel like most people think that’s crazy. Planning with the parents, chatting with the kids, reading their books and working their math problems.

Books books books. I’ve also been reading on my own. (As well as playing on Pinterest finding cute pictures…beware, it will suck you in)

Maybe I can get  a print of that painting, by the way?

In the Garden of Beasts is historical fiction at its finest. It took me a while to get through, though, because it’s not really a light read. There are a lot of German names to keep track of. But it was a very interesting story about the personality and premonitions of the American ambassador to Germany in the 1930s, the years preceding WW2. The information about the interworkings of and interactions between the major characters in various positions within the German government and military were facinating as was the insight into the conflicts among officials in America. The Epilogue about the man’s legacy being largely determined by which side of the ocean you were on was arguably the best part of the book. The Coda and Larson’s footnotes were absolutely hilarious. I want to be friends with him now and would totally stand in line at a book signing. The research he evidently did for this book is mind blowing. Again, it’s not a beach read but it was a fascinating and rewarding read.

I’m only about 80 pages into Cutting for Stone and was immediately hooked by Verghese’s writing. It takes place in Egypt, India and America, forcing me already, like The Tiger’s Wife did, to not only learn some history but fill in some gaps in my shameful geography knowledge. I’m reading this book because it was one of the few new fiction works on my overly ambitious wishlist @ IndieBound that was available to reserve through my library’s E Book site. The synopsis there is great, and evidently was enough to make me want to read it, but I think many reviews and synopses give too much away. So research it at your own risk. I will let you know my final thoughts once I’m done!

I’m going to go read now. Since I don’t have access to an elephant, maybe I’ll see about sitting on my dog.

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summer skewers

July 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

clever, clever clever. rosemary strawberry shortcakes & basil peach prosciutto bites.

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a thousand words

July 15, 2011 § 1 Comment

A picture I happened upon on the world wide web caught my eye.

This little thing is too precious. I think I envision us having a little blonde girl someday, and so not only did her sweetness, blondeness and snuggly little cute shirt catch my eye, but the jar of Bonne Maman preserves did too. Because as a replacement for the Welches grape jelly that he wanted to slather on his weekend biscuits and pancakes, I started buying Taylor Bonne Maman blueberry preserves and he’s never looked back. Everytime I bake a spreadworthy bread, he’s always quick to ensure that we have his “jelly” before expressing excitement about whatever baked good I’ve slaved over. His relief and excitement over the presence of those preserves {and the fact that he puts them on his pancakes and on top of his biscuits –rather than inside –duh} is one of the random things I find cute about him.

So when I first saw this little round blonde thing with her Bonne Maman preserves, I thought, “Oh look, it’s little Taylor!”

Except upon closer inspection I realized that unlike my future babdydaddy she’s also {a} eating peanut butter {b} making her own sandwich {c} not using a napkin…

With that I leave you. I’m off to the lake to read, read, read. And maybe graph some vertical motion problems.

P.S. @Mom! My teacher’s edition came and I’m super excited about our friend Chapter 11. Let me know if you want to come over and work canoeing up the current or motorcycling off the cliff problems! :)

girl’s trip!

July 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

It’s home sweet home after a weekend trip with Megan and Elizabeth to cool, crisp Breckenridge, Colorado! As Elizabeth and I tagged along on Meg’s getaway from her hubby’s Bar Exam studies, we got to get away from the Texas heat and spend a weekend chilling, eating, shopping and chatting at the great home of Meg’s SO fun, generous and hospitable in-laws!

Here are some snippets from our weekend. Liz was the excellent designated trip photographer, so I imagine her blog, and likely my facebook, will soon be updated with much better shots! But for now here’s: {1} our view for the past weekend {2} staples of the evening fare {3 + 4} some scenery {5} the poor survivors of a humorously cold and unfortunate thunderstormstruck hike {6} and a souvenir!







After picking up the pup, starting a load of laundry, unpacking and showering, I sat down to download my library books to my new Nook only to struggle for two hours through message boards and Adobe software to try to get the software required use the library file to actually recognize my Nook. Once I finally tried it on my husband’s PC, someone’s random message board “delete this folder” suggestion worked, and I was able to get both computers to recognize the Nook.

Mac: 0 PC: 1. Nook + Adobe = #fail.

Anyway. Hope you have better luck than me in that area, because it works now, and other than that frustrating two hour drain on my life, I do highly recommend it. Not only is the Nook letting me now enjoy library books, free public domain books, all the books I teach for school and tutoring, but I’m also enjoying my $2.50 per month subscription to The New Yorker. Add me as a contact and we can lend each other books!


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I hope y’all had a great fourth of July weekend! We spent the weekend in Fort Worth celebrating the marriage of one of my very best friends and getting to hang out with many much missed pals from college.

In keeping with good old American traditions, I want to go to a drive in movie! Locate one near you here and take some snacks and sweets!

Among the little twists on classic snacky fare in the links above, besides those crazy cookies I’d never be able to pull off, I want to make these.

mmmmmm. Chocolate chip cookies and oreos. Only think missing there is a glass of cold milk. God Bless America.

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