girl’s trip!

July 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

It’s home sweet home after a weekend trip with Megan and Elizabeth to cool, crisp Breckenridge, Colorado! As Elizabeth and I tagged along on Meg’s getaway from her hubby’s Bar Exam studies, we got to get away from the Texas heat and spend a weekend chilling, eating, shopping and chatting at the great home of Meg’s SO fun, generous and hospitable in-laws!

Here are some snippets from our weekend. Liz was the excellent designated trip photographer, so I imagine her blog, and likely my facebook, will soon be updated with much better shots! But for now here’s: {1} our view for the past weekend {2} staples of the evening fare {3 + 4} some scenery {5} the poor survivors of a humorously cold and unfortunate thunderstormstruck hike {6} and a souvenir!







After picking up the pup, starting a load of laundry, unpacking and showering, I sat down to download my library books to my new Nook only to struggle for two hours through message boards and Adobe software to try to get the software required use the library file to actually recognize my Nook. Once I finally tried it on my husband’s PC, someone’s random message board “delete this folder” suggestion worked, and I was able to get both computers to recognize the Nook.

Mac: 0 PC: 1. Nook + Adobe = #fail.

Anyway. Hope you have better luck than me in that area, because it works now, and other than that frustrating two hour drain on my life, I do highly recommend it. Not only is the Nook letting me now enjoy library books, free public domain books, all the books I teach for school and tutoring, but I’m also enjoying my $2.50 per month subscription to The New Yorker. Add me as a contact and we can lend each other books!


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