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March 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

Just got some of these for our back patio. Pretty sure they’ll require a table. Then we’ll be good to go to enjoy some spring evenings with the grill and the hammock!

Remember my zinc top tables?

Pottery Barn would just add this gem for much more pretty of a penny than I’m willing to spend on outdoor furniture…

I do think this is fun. though. From Crate & Barrel.

I’ll keep you posted.


moving diaries

February 13, 2011 § 3 Comments

Well it’s the one week anniversary of our first morning in the new house. There are a billion fantastic things about not only just moving from an apartment to a house but particularly about this house.

Namely, I can enjoy my breakfast listening to the birds chirp in the trees in our backyard. AND that I don’t have to bundle up to walk the dogchild out to relieve herself. Rain or shine, I can open the door and send her out. Love it.

I think we packed 12 boxes of books. TwoLiberalArtsDegreesLawSchoolLiteratureTeacher. They range from The Way things Work to the War of 1812 to Norton Shakespeare anthologies to Environmental Law reference books. And they’re not going anywhere. Except to your house if you want to borrow something. They will be thrown out probably quite literally over my dead body.

Baskets are handy.

Towels, cords, keys, fruit, space fillers…

Last weekend we had an army of family working for 48 hours straight. It was amazing and we are beyond blessed. We painted windows yesterday. The day before that I painted bedroom trim. My dad is likely sore from finagling the hanging of a chandelier. Using a drill and anchors, I hung a hook for keys and leashes and it’s notgoinganywhereever. Yesterday marked the first day I had a functional dryer.

Resolved. We are never moving again. If we have six kids we are piling them in and strapping their beds to the walls.

zinc top tables

February 3, 2011 § 4 Comments

When Taylor went to work late on Tuesday on account of the freezing temps and his humorous lack of a dress coat {which I’m in the process of remedying}, I made us breakfast.

Munching on bready breakfast leftovers, I’m still amused by these ubiquitous sawhorse tables.

and think a zinc top table would be cool for outdoor dining furniture.

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stir crazy.

January 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

This house purchase has changed the way I look at decor blogs. I’m mentally trying to pull together a look thats livable, comfortable and looks nice. While also trying to balance being drawn to trends with investing in classic pieces that I won’t have to stress about replacing, looking dated or getting sick of.

Guess it’s not a surprise that I think I end up decorating like I dress. I’ve self-diagnosed that I like quality, neutral basics that can be diversified and mixed up with fun accents and accessories. Patterns are a big commitment in coats. They are also a big commitment in furniture and even rugs. They’ll probably show up in my house on curtains, pillows, throws, lamps and quilts. Especially if my mom helps me sew stuff… :)

love the chandelier, barn doors, kitchen. those two chairs in the foreground…

Gray is the color these days for sure. And I like all the chairs in these pictures.

We move in in two weeks and I’m getting stir crazy with all my ideas and this random accumulation of furniture we have going on in our apartment!

{1 vogue australia} {2,3 dillon kyle} {4 unknown}


January 18, 2011 § 2 Comments

Truly these tables are made with sawhorses for legs. Could I do that? How simple and easy. Guess there’s not really a market for simple, old wooden sawhorses anymore so they’re considered table making worthy novelties. Maybe I can construct an outdoor table with one for some all weather al fresco dining.

dining french countrychateau?

December 29, 2010 § 4 Comments

Between, our little apartment, our parents’ houses, and two separate houses across the greater Austin area from Lakeway to Horseshoe Bay, we have been accumulating furniture and appliances for our soon to be home. Right now I don’t think we have the same vision for the dining room, so it’s good we haven’t bought anything.

I like all of these tables but none of them are exactly like what I would commit to for a dining room. The last one, while I think is a desk, comes the closest.

This is that light look that’s so in vogue right now. Who says you can’t mix nice chairs with stools and smushed cushions? I like that chair for our front room.

I’m pushing for a round table in that room right now, I think we could seat more and use the space better. I want some kind of statement, high backed leather or upholstered chairs like these.

This is cool. I’ve seen this table and the coffee table version too. I would totally do this in a spacious breakfast area and if I knew I could just replace it on a whim when I got tired of it, but not in a what needs to be more formal dining room or in a world where I don’t expect to be swapping out dining sets by the season. If that table were the same style and all dark, maybe worn a bit but shiny wood, I’d be sold.

Taylor likes benches. I like those legs.

More benches and what looks to be great wood. Paired with some light upholstered chairs, maybe some nailhead detailing, that one has potential.

Interesting chair choice. Like the wood. Like how it goes in a perpendicular direction on the ends. Legs are too plain. I want trestle.

Again, probably too casual. But great wood. Fun little drawer. Nice but still comfy.

I like this one. Though there is no way that long, narrow style would work in our room. I like the little console tables too. Those would work. Oh hey, beams. Love you too.

Who says you need permanent seating? Can we talk about that floor for a second? So great.

Can I get this in a dining table please? 60-84 inches and some chairs with equally dark and curvaceous legs? High backs, light upholstery, nailhead trim.

advent calendar quest

December 27, 2010 § 1 Comment

I was on a quest for a good advent calendar, so I saved these all season. We had one growing up with felt pockets where we would retrieve chocolate treats and a piece of the little wooden nativity to slowly build it up until baby Jesus came…

So I wanted one where treats could be stored, but I also liked the idea of slowly creating a nativity scene.

hover over for credits. many are from here.

Below is the one I just ordered. It’s cute and fits the nativity building bill. Maybe I can stuff some Hershey kisses in there too.

For fun and larger treat stowing capabilities, I may make one next year, similar to the little socking or bucket ones above. Or I may look for an old European type wood one with little doors.

…and next up on my Christmas wishlist…


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