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October 10, 2011 § 1 Comment

Oh heavens, cool weather! Who would have ever thought it would once again not only rain but that the highs would be in the eighties?! On Sunday we woke up to the sound of rain and it was fantastic. More highlights…

What I would say a pretty successful attempt at duplicating the morning glory muffins from the coffee shop where I work. I substituted a bit of the molasses and banana for pumpkin puree. They’re filled with raisins, pecans and shredded carrots. Would have included apples had I felt like peeling and chopping them. But I didn’t. Perfect for Columbus Day morning, where I plan to soonhereafter return to bed to read. {May be reading Moby Dick for school but am telling myself that still counts as vacay.}

There is a wrinkly edge on my travel map and with most things I attemp it took about two hours longer than I expected {which is why I don’t attempt much} But a container of rubber cement, super glue, spray adhesive and mini nails later, it’s at least on the wall…

Green is where we’ve been together. Blue is where Taylor’s been and Yellow is where I have been. Blue+Yellow=Green

…get it. Clever, I know.For Meggie’s birthday party on Saturday I successfully baked and constructed my first real cake. Only to discover it was less than portable. It had a wild ride through the streets of Austin before Meg and I jostled it back together and did some icing repair. It was quite a humorous ride {after I got over my frustration with the negation of all the time spent carefully icing} as Tay gave the play by play of all the sliding action.We did not have to fork the cake out of the cake dome and the party was made complete by some fantastic friends and an A&M victory.

Back to bed with the window open to read more of Ishmael’s fated sojourn through the dark waters of Ahab’s vengeance.


peonies + pasta: linklove

June 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Random? I love fresh flowers. Usually when I go to the grocery store, I pic up a $4 stem of five stargazer lilies that slowly bloom and make my kitchen table smell delish for at least a week. But ever since her sister accessorized my friend’s bachelorette party, I’ve been smitten with peonies. Just picked up my mint julep cups inspired by the cute girl overĀ  @ lagniappe and can’t wait to fill them with peonies, pencils, makeup brushes, trinkets…. maybe even an actual mint julep considering my affection for summer sips.
I bought one that’s literally become over six inches wide. It’s fantastic.

Budget Bytes is cooking good, fresh healthy food and accounting for her spending on a budget. Including making chips in the microwave? love this girl.

{more link love}

Speaking of summer sips, can’t wait to try this one.

Crafts with maps? sold.

Eat breakfast! It’s my fave. Here are some great suggestions to make this meal more manageable if you can never seem to fit it in but struggle to make it to lunch, especially adjusting to a “real” job as many of us are.

Along those lines. I plan to try this. I’ll keep you posted.

Summer snacks. Love that fruit pizza. Reminds me of the Theta house and that, along the lines of the cheddar apple melt, is a perfect example of something my mom would have come up with to get us to eat fruits and vegetables. As I grow up I’m realizing what a great job my mom did getting us to eat broccoli and carrots by letting us douse them in things like cheese and ranch dressing. Salted cucumber slices…. Ants on a log… Popsicles made with purreed fruit… and I lovedlovedloved strawberries dipped in powdered sugar. Man, I must have eaten tons of strawberries {in addition to tons of powdered sugar, velveeta and ranch dressing} and accidentally had fruit for dessert all summer long. Good job, mom.

Reenacting art. Sort of like those people who reenact their childhood photos. Maybe this is weird, disclaimer, but I think it’s cool and funny.

Stylish guys? Stylish girls who need to make presentable a less than stylish guy? Behold a pleasant and very well named resource.



yes, please.

June 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

This straw summer hat.

Readers, dears, I have been enjoying making little summer drinks for myself with various and random combinations of frozen strawberries, lemon juice, lime juice, mint and little flavored, carbonated waters. And for a refreshing spike, this summer sip looks totes divine! Please, yes.

Sign me up, no questions. Cooking In FreakinItaly. In my humble opinion, that steamy place, where crisp chianti, fresh produce, killer sweets, creamy quality cheesies and freshly baked salty, olive oiled bready magnificence are all plentiful and {compared, in my limited experience, to most of Europe} criminally inexpensive, IS is my kind of paradise. Yes, please.

And while I am all for sassy packaging, to this colorful idea, I must respectfully say, no thank you.

happy birthday me.

January 26, 2011 § 1 Comment

Yesterday, nestled between two birthday weekends {yes, two} was my little family birthday celebration. My sweeter than sweet husband sent me a text in the morning, telling me to go get some dreamy chairs that I had been lusting after. Then we ate lunch together from the best sandwich place in town, later enjoyed queso and a mr. pink then partook in my glorious ice cream cake invention. Consisting of:

Excuse the mess. We’re moving. Yes that’s a penguin bookmark in case you were curious and my child did sit in my lap and help me blow out my candles. She did not get to have any cake {see ingredients above}, but don’t feel sorry for her, she’ll get her own in March.

Then this happened…

which was not exactly a recreation of this sweet victory…
I felt loved, had a great day with sweet treats and fun surprises! I’m coping with my quarter century milestone as well as can be expected but have decided not to share my resolutions for the next quarter century until I begin to carry them out. Kind of like not sharing your wishes, or places you’re applying for college…It’s sad if they don’t come true and to what extent did you really fail at a task if no one knew you were trying to accomplish it? Plus then perhaps I can reassess my accomplishments at that time and say that they were actually goals in the first place….and you’d never know…

fun sweets

December 24, 2010 § 1 Comment

Love baking. Much more than cooking. Sweets are fun to make, fun to give away and it’s easier to try new things baking than it is cooking meals when the only person I have to try my experiments on is my sweet but less than culinarily adventurous husband. {who I’ve decided has more an aversion to strange words like falafel and risotto than to food in general} But that’s another story.

Below is why I need children.


{angels} {snowmen} and {reindeer}

Fashionably Bombed

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what a fun blog discovery! perfect for all those holiday get togethers or just a spirited little resource for mixing up your cocktail repertoire.

mixing up! ..im so punny.

{Fashionably Bombed.}


{mrs. lilien}

christmas cookies

December 19, 2010 § 1 Comment


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