fashion week + birthday weekend

February 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

Happy Saturday! Today we kicked off Taylor’s birthday weekend with our new favorite blueberry pancakes. He has burgers, a massage and Chipotle in his future for the rest of the day. I’m still thinking about the plans for his actual birthday tomorrow but I’m pretty sure it will involve cinnamon rolls, bacon and a cookie cake. Penelope is excited to give him the little gag gifts she picked up yesterday. We hope he doesn’t choose today to start reading my blog.

On a completely unrelated note, or maybe on a similarly festive and celebratory note, on this slow and lazy Saturday morning, I’m browsing the web, sipping my green tea and wishing I had a reason to need one (or all) of Monique Lhuillier’s evening gowns..



Pending award shows or black tie gala invitations Carolina Hererra’s look is likely a bit more tangible. She’s my unfailinglysassy in classycrispclean white oxfords inspiration.Image
Carolina  Herrera and Monique Lhuillier.


battening down the hatches

December 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

I love the goodies, the fires, the warm, snuggly socks and cozy blankets this time of year. I love the music, the advent traditions, finding gifts for loved ones and sipping warm drinks.

I do not, however, love the cold.

This is our tree. I got a slim one for our apartment and in this larger space it looks a little, well, slim. But it will do and it even has presents!

Can’t beat big weekend breakfasts. This morning we had waffles from the old school waffle iron and after only the second attempt at learning how to use this thing, I’m proud to announce that they were perfect. I’m also proud to announce, again, that I’m a huge fan of cast iron. This thing was 20 bucks, makes killer waffles and doesn’t take up loads of space like a clunky machine would. Plus I can take it with us next time we go native. Winning.

First fire! We need more firewood and a screen (Hi, Dad, yes, I’ll get one to be safe:)

Big nativity on the big table! This thing is so sweet and intricate, and I was thrilled to finally set it up after we got it last year, or maybe even the year before? But had no space in our yurt of an apartment.

Who says we need children to do a kid-friendly advent calendar? Apparently the little drummer boy and palm trees were present at the manger scene.

…And by children I meant human children, of course. Sorry PennyGirl, don’t be offended. We will make it a good Christmas for you, too even though you can’t help with the Advent calendar. You can help leave treats for Santa’s reindeer and  your Christmas present waiting for you under the tree will be {because your parents got impatient} the only gift opened in our house on Christmas morning!

movie night in.

August 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

After traveling the last two weekends it was lovely to have a simple and slow Saturday. We walked to the lunch spot. FedEx delivered our art souvenirs, and we took them to get framed. And when the Redbox rental failed to comply with our requests to play, we watched Cars. Love me a good Pixar flick. Penelope spent the day working on the slow destruction of  a new lamb sussy I got her on Friday. chewchewchew.

Turns out Taylor dislikes the yellow Sour Patch Kids. When I cleaned up after the movie, I found a little bowl of yellow Sour Patch Kids on the table next to his chair. Weirdo.

How about some Sunday links?

On another note, this is a great article in Texas Monthly.

I want to do this, and I love how the article starts.

Please, go play with this. And annoy your spouse. You won’t regret it.

Is anyone surprised that I love this site?

What’s on Taylor’s brain these days besides link #1? This. Heaven help us.

Back to School Open House tomorrow! Happy Sunday!

true life: woe is penny

August 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

It’s a hard knock life around here sometimes. In addition to the partial bath she was subjected to the other day when she wandered into something smelly, Penelope had an unfortunate experience yesterday as well.

I was working on my syllabus for the year and on the phone with a coworker for at least 30 minutes. P is always nearby during the day, either sleeping at my feet or chewing a bone on top of them (Yes, on my feet. If you’ve been a guest in my house, you know bonetoy on foot chewing is P’s stamp of approval.) Anyway, whenever I wander into another room, she follows me. As long as I’m there for at least 90 seconds, she will usually lay down on the floor wherever I end up, folding laundry or even just reading something from the printer in the study.

As I was on the phone, I walked into the study a few times and then back into the “kids wing” of our house that we keep closed up and at about 80 degrees since no one is ever in there except if we’re retrieving books from our excessive collection on bookshelves in one of those rooms. During the phone convo, I headed back there to look at some books we were discussing and shut the hall door again when I left. We usually keep this hall door closed, but sometimes if it’s not closed all the way, it will pull shut with a knock each time the air conditioning kicks on in that part of the house to maintain its balmy 80. As you can imagine, it doesn’t kick on very often. Phone convo ended and I resumed working on my syllabus. I heard the familiar door knock back there sometime well after the convo ended, but didn’t feel like getting up and leaving my train of thought to fix the door. When I heard the ol’ knock again, about an hour  or so after the convo ended, it sounded different. More like a knockscratch. little doubleknock.
Was that the dog? Why’d she go back there? What’s that door doing?

Wait, not on her bed. Not under my chair.

Two little feet on the floor behind the door making two little shadows in the sunlight coming from the other side. Little sniffy nose moving around.

Oh well hey there! Guess you knew I’d find you and didn’t feel like making a racket. Thanks for the tiny little scratch after an hour had passed to patiently request exit from the lonely sauna back here.
Sorry you have a bad mommy.

Let’s hope I’m a better mother to humans.

Why you lock me up?

happy saturday!

June 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Happy Saturday, Friends! We, pup and all, slept in to an unprecedented 9am this morning. For a house that’s always up and moving by 6 or 7 at the latest, it was grand.


Right now I’m enjoying this week’s new NPR Tiny Desk Concert Podcast with The Decemberists with my breakfast and big french press. Hope you have a great day!

wednesday datenight love.

June 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Love Austin. Love summer. Love the sweet new little Butler Park with its fountains its hills and its docks and its views.





Love some good pizza and some good sips.


Love some poorly positioned self portraits.


Love our little child and patiently leashed park companion amidst birds, rabbits, squirrels, small children and other wildlife.


Love big, giant pink peonies.

a week.

June 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

The past week through the lens of my trusty phone.We enjoyed skillet roasted pork tenderloin, broccoli, the ol’ sister shu standbys and a good bottle of wine for our 3rd anniversary. Penelope was the guest of honor.

After a classic, never fails Chuy’s happy hour, I enjoyed an evening in the park with friends and live music @ KGSR’s Blues on the Green.

Our Friday night date as the sun sets over drinks on the patio. Friends joined us last week. Didn’t I capture a romantic moment here?
I traveled to Fort Worth for one of my most precious best friends’ bachelorette parties. I came well supplied…. and loved seeing my sweet friends!

I’ve baked bread. OMG.

French baguettes. Warm out of the oven. Be still my heart. We had a blast last week having a bunch of great friends over for dinner, and I loved finally having a reason to bake five baguettes.

No knead bread I baked in a dutch oven and made with a dark lager beer. Again. Out of the oven heaven with honey and butter. mmmmm.

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