christmas eve

December 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

We enjoyed waffles this morning from John Besh’s My Family Table. (THANKS Granaghans!) And will probably be lounging around the fire today, staying clear of the cold, wet weather. Although Taylor did unexpectedly inform me over the waffles this morning that his plans for the day include color coordinating his closet. I’ve always admired his ambition.

I just enjoyed a girl’s trip to New York! Not only was it a fun time with family but I got to see some great shows and see two of my best friends while I was there!

Making some time for traditional Christmas treat decorating was a must.

Merry Christmas!


advanced style

December 8, 2011 § 1 Comment

I know. I’ve been M.I.A.

Forgive. Hope to post some more life updates and better pics soon. I’ve decorated for Christmas, made some holiday goodies, sent off our Christmas cards, been keeping up with my advent calendar and even wrapped a few gifts!

I just had to share this fabulous video from Advanced Style. Watch it and you won’t be sorry. I hope I’m half as awesome as Ms. Dell by the time I’m 78. Check out the videos and pics on their site. All a hoot and well worth it.

To help you cope with the cold: soup basics for soup invention!

Getting in the true spirit with these really greats idea for 10 Experiences to Give and Twelve Dates of Christmas.


Big D + State Fair

October 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

We’re going on a minication to Dallas this weekend! Excited to relax, eat and hang out at the fair. Pictures and food reviews will follow!

slap bracelet watches + kalamata olives

September 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

…and other interesting links of note.

If neon slapbracelet watches aren’t channeling your 90’s nostalgia enough, JTT reunited with his costars.

Among the many brilliant and time sucking posts over at Bored Panda, you must check out the national food flags collection.

I found this thanks to the site, and I’m ordering it as soon as I’m done with this post and adding it to my teacher supplies.

Torrentially rainy College Station would be a great market for the SamuraiSwordNinjaAutoRelease, the friendly Dual or the handy Backpack.

Speaking of College Station, we set up a tailgate for the first game last weekend. It was fun albeit hot, windy and primitive as most tailgates are. I’m moving more towards this set up.

Did you see the supernova? Did you sip champagne? {sorry, had to}

A truly fantastic {read: interesting, factual, historical, poignant} article about why you have The Most Amazing Material in the World protecting your wine.

Do you know your slang? and more word games.

back to school

August 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

School starts tomorrow!

Today I will be enjoying a hair cut and shopping for a pen pouch {It’s true. I’m picky}. I may also take a nap. I may spend some time enjoying the two eye candy nuggets I found in my mailbox Monday morning.

S’more?! A teacher gift + puns? Not much can top that.

I carry my officeclassroomfilecabinet in a bag. And my shoulder hurts. I really need a backpack or maybe one of those super cool rolling teacher box systems. Oh heavens.

How fun is this? Sometimes I wonder if the only reason I want to have kids is to make fun food and do artsy crafts.

Tina Fey’s mother’s prayer. So great.

According to j.crew’s blog, whiich you should be following, madewell has joined the party.

Austin food trucks have spread to my ‘hood. Excited to try.

Let’s get our burger definitions straight. This is a must when people attempt to quantify the “best burger.” We need categories.

image sources @ my pinboard

monday sweet treats

June 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Whammy of a weekend for y’all who follow my food blog too! Sometimes when I have too much time lots of ideasI schedule a few posts out. Saturday’s post was supposed to post Sunday night, but I guess I messed that one up! I had to go in and change a few things when I got the email that it had posted. Oh well. You had the treat and privilege of three blog posts from me in one day! You’re welcome. I hope it made for an extra special weekend.

Because we all need some sweet treats to get us going for the week ….

1. sweet little ballerina 2. little people mocs – do they come in my size? 3. clutch –  just simple and unassumingly lovely 4.bruschetta – what to do with my homemade bread and farmer’s market tomatoes! 5. lovey just lovely peonies –  today i bought ten buds for $8. serendipity. no shame. 6. major case of eReader case lust – my nook is in the mail!


June 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Just learned that an etsy shop I stumbled across a year or so ago and then got to see {and remember how cute it is} @ the renegade craft fair has opened up shop in the atx. Bummed I missed the little opening party this week! I think Paloma is my favorite Spanish name. If I had any Mexican heritage, I’d name my daughter that. {there’s people laughing at me now, you know who you are} It means dove. I think it’s pretty. Spanish is just a more beautiful language. Reminds me of Sandra Cisneros’ quote from House on Mango Street, “In Spanish my name means hope. In English it means too many letters.”

Anyway. Enough about Spanish. I plan to stop by this shop ASAP.

hasta pronto.

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