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October 25, 2011 § 1 Comment

We had a great weekend.
Because a work trip Taylor went on during the week returned later than expected on Friday and there was a private party monopolizing the place on Saturday, we were unable to try Fearings as we’d planned. We did experience some great drinks at bar scene late night however which alone was a treasure trove of people watching. On Saturday, after room service and massages we stopped for lunch at Eatzi’s before heading to the fair. Eatzi’s? Hello are you listening? Please come to Austin.

Did not try fried beer, but I did enjoy fried oreos!

We got the pic with Big Tex, rode the ferris wheel and met some livestock including the Grand Champion pig {or rather, barrow} named Sirius Black. Would love to meet the high school girl who named and cared for that porker. We also saw ducklings and the little pot-bellied piglets pictured above.

Oh and I won Carlton. As you can see, he enjoyed the ferris wheel too, cruised around in my purse and partook in our Saturday night take out in dinner. After the fair we visited our friends Rex and Kylee at their new house, watched some Aggie football and finally met their baby, Malley. Who sweetly took a nap in my arms.


{4} Cookies found in our room the night we arrived. We think {or hope} they were from JD’s Chippery.

{1} For what may be a new vacation tradition, we strolled to nearby Morton’s, ordered to go, enjoying some cocktails and ambiance at the bar while we waited, and then set up dinner in our hotel room. We enjoyed the vino we’d selected from Eatzi’s and I dined in my cozies. I did not wear heels or chandelier earrings. #perfection. Take that, Dallas. Taylor served as the sommelier for the evening.

{2} Saturday morning we met Hope, Will and Devin for brunch at Bread Winner’s and the cinnamon roll I told Taylor to get as a “side” after seeing them in the front bakery was the size of a volleyball. Yet amazingly fluffy. Before savoring my eggs over medium with toast, potatoes and a bran muffin, I enjoyed all the cranberry, blueberry and banana breads they set out for the table. Bread won that day for sure.

{3} The trip home found us a Dublin Dr. Pepper {meaning made with real imperial sugar} in an unassuming bottle around, unsurprisingly, Dr. PepperLandWaco. Too bad they’re not nearly that easy to come by in Austin!


Big D + State Fair

October 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

We’re going on a minication to Dallas this weekend! Excited to relax, eat and hang out at the fair. Pictures and food reviews will follow!

slap bracelet watches + kalamata olives

September 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

…and other interesting links of note.

If neon slapbracelet watches aren’t channeling your 90’s nostalgia enough, JTT reunited with his costars.

Among the many brilliant and time sucking posts over at Bored Panda, you must check out the national food flags collection.

I found this thanks to the site, and I’m ordering it as soon as I’m done with this post and adding it to my teacher supplies.

Torrentially rainy College Station would be a great market for the SamuraiSwordNinjaAutoRelease, the friendly Dual or the handy Backpack.

Speaking of College Station, we set up a tailgate for the first game last weekend. It was fun albeit hot, windy and primitive as most tailgates are. I’m moving more towards this set up.

Did you see the supernova? Did you sip champagne? {sorry, had to}

A truly fantastic {read: interesting, factual, historical, poignant} article about why you have The Most Amazing Material in the World protecting your wine.

Do you know your slang? and more word games.

a week.

June 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

The past week through the lens of my trusty phone.We enjoyed skillet roasted pork tenderloin, broccoli, the ol’ sister shu standbys and a good bottle of wine for our 3rd anniversary. Penelope was the guest of honor.

After a classic, never fails Chuy’s happy hour, I enjoyed an evening in the park with friends and live music @ KGSR’s Blues on the Green.

Our Friday night date as the sun sets over drinks on the patio. Friends joined us last week. Didn’t I capture a romantic moment here?
I traveled to Fort Worth for one of my most precious best friends’ bachelorette parties. I came well supplied…. and loved seeing my sweet friends!

I’ve baked bread. OMG.

French baguettes. Warm out of the oven. Be still my heart. We had a blast last week having a bunch of great friends over for dinner, and I loved finally having a reason to bake five baguettes.

No knead bread I baked in a dutch oven and made with a dark lager beer. Again. Out of the oven heaven with honey and butter. mmmmm.


June 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

Perfect meal.

But sometimes that doesn’t cut it. Like when you have a family to feed or when people expect you to incorporate vegetables and meats into their evening. Those weirdos.

So for the times you can’t just eat brie and baguettes. This cookbook starter kit looks like a fantastic resource. They’re categorized and explained. So great. Consider them all on my Christmas list.

I grabbed a copy of Cooks Illustrated about a year ago and fell in love. I know if I subscribed to it, we would be buried in copies of it and all my clippings and notes but it’s SO GREAT. Fantastic explanations of why food needs to be cooked certain ways, what materials work best for what foods and why. And of course great pictures. Well the same people put out Cook’s Country and I’m smitten. The website doesn’t do them justice. If you care at all about getting ideas and learning how to do things right, or why whatever you’re doing will a certain recipe continues to flop, grab a copy @ a nearby checkout counter or bookstore.

Along those same lines, my mom gave me Cooking Light Way to Cook for my birthday or Christmas or maybe randomly…Mom? When did you give it to me? I can read it like a book {or I should}. You must add it to your list of upcoming wedding presents. It explains everything, includes basic, foundational recipes and suggests variations of them. And it’s pretty on my shelf.

I think all of Ina Garten’s books are great. Back to Basics is my favorite. Her recipes are fresh, flavorful but also easy and normal and uncomplicated.

yes, please.

June 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

This straw summer hat.

Readers, dears, I have been enjoying making little summer drinks for myself with various and random combinations of frozen strawberries, lemon juice, lime juice, mint and little flavored, carbonated waters. And for a refreshing spike, this summer sip looks totes divine! Please, yes.

Sign me up, no questions. Cooking In FreakinItaly. In my humble opinion, that steamy place, where crisp chianti, fresh produce, killer sweets, creamy quality cheesies and freshly baked salty, olive oiled bready magnificence are all plentiful and {compared, in my limited experience, to most of Europe} criminally inexpensive, IS is my kind of paradise. Yes, please.

And while I am all for sassy packaging, to this colorful idea, I must respectfully say, no thank you.

being backyard

April 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

Recent scenes from our backyard. Lilies. Grilled goodness. Patio dining. More of these lilies have bloomed since this pic, or should I say exploded, and are adorning my breakfast table with their bright colors and amazing fragrance.




Happy Al Fresco Spring!

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