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Fresh flowers. So simple, so happy.Image


This pancake recipe has been a great discovery for us. It’s packed with healthy stuff but with blueberries and all that baking soda fluffiness, it’s actually a normal light and sweet pancake to satiate Taylor’s less funky pancake preferences. I’ve started substituting all purpose flour with whole wheat pastry flour in cookies, pancakes and quick breads.


Guess whose reads are whose.

Flannery O’Connor is my new hero. I taught her short stories “A Good Man is Hard to Find” and “Good Country People,” last year, but I just read her collection of essays called Mystery and Manners. So great. Really a must read for any lover of literature; her reflections on reading and writing literature from a gospel-centered perspective had a huge impact on not only how I plan to teach and read but how I view the world.


I realize Easter was a while ago, but it’s been I while since I’ve checked in here! I made a Seder. I know, perhaps I’m weird, but there are actually quite good reasons for modern Christians participating in a Passover Seder  (reasons to which I won’t be able to do justice to here). Check out some of the articles linked above or ask me!

About the food though, my charoset was quite good and even my beet maror, light on the horseradish was as well. I’d never roasted lamb before but that was a huge success. The delicate little frenched rack of lamb the two of us shared for the meal was rich and savory. It was fun to set up my finery for it and perhaps next year we can expand the dinner beyond our little immediate family.


I also carried on our little Easter morning tradition with Resurrection Rolls. Butter + cinnamon sugar + marshmallows sealed and then baked in a crescent dough “tomb.” That link is the closest to how I make them except I bake them in a muffin tin and dust the tops with the melted butter and sprinkle it with the cinnasuga mixture.

Taylor is headed back to DC this week and I have some girl nights and happy hours planned to occupy myself. I will also be furiously jotting down feedback on rough drafts and reading for the end of school. It’s crazy how summer is creeping up so quickly, and I know the inevitable May festivities: showers, cinco de mayo fiestas, graduations and weddings will make the month fly by!


SpringBreak | WashingtonDC

March 22, 2012 § 1 Comment

Taylor went for business and I tagged along.


I went to Founding Farmer’s twice. I loved the strangely unexpected yet amazingly cohesive 17 Vegetable Salad. The Green Goddess and Pimento Cheese spreads with toasted, crusty bread were also great. As were their roasted root vegetables and Virginia Green Beans with candied lemon {hello!} Taylor enjoyed his Skirt Steak and Enchilada.

I also met my friend Hanna at Northside Social while Taylor was at a client dinner, and enjoyed a nearly-Leaf-esque lunch at Chop’t.


Went on a few runs around the monuments. Saw the cherry blossoms, the Lincoln Memorial, Korean and Vietnam War memorials, MLK, Jr. Memorial and the Tidal Basin as well as the World War II memorial and the mall, past the White House, Washington Monument and Capitol. Drew a map on my hand for the first venture.Image

Left my water bottle on the bus to Georgetown. It was there when I boarded a returning bus. What.are.the.odds?!


It rained on Friday, and my shoes got wet. I was forced to be the cool tourist sporting tennis shoes and jeans to dinner.


After dinner at Shop House, Chipotle’s Asian sister which I thought was pretty good (even though it was quite spicy and I would have ordered differently next time) I suggested Taylor check out Shake Shack on the walk back to the hotel from Dupont Circle. He was a fan.


I want to live in Dean & Deluca. Their stores are pretty fantastic.


I also explored Capitol Hill where I enjoyed the Eastern Market and Capitol Hill Books.


On the way back from Capitol Hill I stopped at Union Station to pick up our train tickets to the airport on Saturday. For this navigation nerd, the whole trip was a fun public transportation adventure.


Made sure to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on the travel day back home.

Oh and remember Party Pants? Yes. I did. Thank you, H&M.

spring 2012 :: party pants

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gotta get some.




fashion week + birthday weekend

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Happy Saturday! Today we kicked off Taylor’s birthday weekend with our new favorite blueberry pancakes. He has burgers, a massage and Chipotle in his future for the rest of the day. I’m still thinking about the plans for his actual birthday tomorrow but I’m pretty sure it will involve cinnamon rolls, bacon and a cookie cake. Penelope is excited to give him the little gag gifts she picked up yesterday. We hope he doesn’t choose today to start reading my blog.

On a completely unrelated note, or maybe on a similarly festive and celebratory note, on this slow and lazy Saturday morning, I’m browsing the web, sipping my green tea and wishing I had a reason to need one (or all) of Monique Lhuillier’s evening gowns..



Pending award shows or black tie gala invitations Carolina Hererra’s look is likely a bit more tangible. She’s my unfailinglysassy in classycrispclean white oxfords inspiration.Image
Carolina  Herrera and Monique Lhuillier.

“I’m between 50 and death.”

February 16, 2012 § 4 Comments

“Young women, you’re going to get old someday.
Don’t worry about it.”

“There’s no substitute for life experience.”

Heroes. Ladies, please come be my friends and share your closets with me.

beer + cheese | superbowl sunday

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Super Bowl Sunday is always a great excuse to munch on saltycrunchy snacks and hang out with friends. If you’re still planning your menu or potluck contribution check out this article from NPR about beer and cheese pairings.

Super Bow aside, personally I’m keeping that article around for future get-togethers and happy hours.

Some of Bill Chappel’s recommendations include Fresh Goat Cheese + Saison. {a light, pale ale with fruit and spice flavors similar to a hefeweizen}

And Sheep’s Milk Cheese + Brown Ale.

I can certainly get into beer drinking when it looks like this!


January 28, 2012 § 1 Comment

I had a fantastic birthday week. Kicked it off on Sunday with banana whole wheat pancakes at Magnolia Cafe with my parents and had dinner at my in-laws, feasting on my father-in-law’s great smoked chicken. On my actual birthday, my cute students (11th graders can be cute) sang to me and Taylor treated me to lunch at Second where I enjoyed a really cool and very savory Black and Blue pizza –decked out with black truffle oil, blue cheese, dates and pork belly confit. It was all sorts of harmonious gloriousness.

My bible study met at my house that night and my dearestinthewholeworld friend Megan surprised me with an awesome fruit pizza. She had no idea I loved fruit pizza but I’d say knows me pretty well to have guessed accurately! We all talked, snacked and drank wine. A great evening.

For Christmas, Taylor had given me a gift certificate for a facial and I decided to capitalize on the spirit of the week’s festivities and book it for Friday afternoon. So I enjoyed a relaxing facial and a walk with Penelope in the glorious, sunny mid-70s January Friday afternoon.

And last night we went to Uchiko and I basked in tempura squid ink shag roll heaven. #blessed

Oh and here’s a little nugget of fun: